AVS Events

List of Past and Future AVS events recommended to be consumed.

10/25/2022 - Azure VMware Solution Bootcamp

The Azure VMware Solution Bootcamp offers two days of technical exploration on how Azure VMware Solution (AVS) allows you to move VMware-based workloads to the cloud and modernize your applications with Azure native services. Join this virtual workshop if you’re a consulting and architect team looking to deepen your technical skill set, or a sales and pre-sales team wanting to increase your AVS knowledge.

10/11/2022 - Everything you need to know about Azure VMware Solution Specialization

In this Tech Talk we’ll give an overview of the Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Specialization (formerly known as: Advanced Specialization), including a review for the benefits and the core requirements: partner competency, performance, knowledge & audit. We will also be sharing supporting technical enablement resources available from Microsoft and VMware. You will leave the session with full understanding of AVS Specialization, why it is beneficial to you as a Microsoft Partners and where to begin with attaining it.

06/22/2022 - Migrate to Azure VMware Solution with VMware HCX

In this Tech Talk we’ll describe how you can easily migrate to AVS with HCX.

04/27/2022 - Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Boot Camp

The Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Partner Boot Camp was held on April 27–28, 2022. This virtual event is now available on demand and offers nearly five hours of partner-targeted sessions, providing the latest information and guidance on AVS.

03/23/2022 - Extend to the Cloud with Azure VMware Solution

Learn how to easily extend your VMware workloads, skills, and tools to the cloud with Azure VMware Solution—the cloud service that lets you run VMware infrastructure natively on Azure. Join Microsoft and VMware insiders at this free digital event for the latest product news, and best practices, and technical deep dives.

03/02/2022 - Deep Dive in Economics of Azure VMware Solution

Join us along with our special guest from VMware, Greg Kaffenberger, to help you demystifying the numbers of Azure VMware Solution economic assessment to help you or your customer make a more informative and intelligent economic decision for migration.

12/07/2021 - GPS Azure VMware Solution Boot Camp

This three half-day Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Partner Boot Camp, part of our GPS Azure Partner Tech Intensity Training, is designed to further enhance your AVS technical abilities through interactive presentations from some of the top Microsoft AVS architects.