03/02/2022 - Deep Dive in Economics of Azure VMware Solution

Join us along with our special guest from VMware, Greg Kaffenberger, to help you demystifying the numbers of Azure VMware Solution economic assessment to help you or your customer make a more informative and intelligent economic decision for migration.

Click here to view recording: Deep Dive in Economics of Azure VMware Solution Tech Talk

Your customer or leadership has decided to migrate to Azure, Fantastic! Amongst the different migration options Microsoft is offering: Azure VMware Solution (AVS), a service that allows you to run VMware-based workloads inside of Azure on dedicated hyper-converged infrastructure. How do you determine the economics of migrating to Azure? Should you migrate to native IaaS (Azure Virtual Machines)? Azure VMware Solution? Or perhaps you’re even thinking about staying on-premises and renewing hardware, co-lo leases, licensing?!