04/27/2022 - Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Boot Camp

The Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Partner Boot Camp was held on April 27–28, 2022. This virtual event is now available on demand and offers nearly five hours of partner-targeted sessions, providing the latest information and guidance on AVS.

Click here to view recording: April 2022 Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Boot Camp

The partner audience for this event is those who are in a business or product development role, technical sellers, and those who are in an architectural or delivery role. Sessions are presented by Microsoft Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Global Partner Solutions, Azure Engineering, and Global Black Belts.

In the modules for this learning path, you’ll find the daily sessions. When you register for a session, you’ll receive an email with a link to view on-demand recordings and access to the slides that were used during the event.