Module 2 - HCX for VM Migration

Module 2: Deploy HCX for VM Migration

Introduction to VMware HCX

VMware HCX™ is an application mobility platform designed for simplifying application migration, workload rebalancing and business continuity across data centers and clouds. HCX supports the following types of migrations:

  • Cold Migration - Offline migration of VMs.
  • Bulk Migration - scheduled bulk VM (vSphere, KVM, Hyper-V) migrations with reboot – low downtime.
  • HCX vMotion - Zero-downtime live migration of VMs – limited scale.
  • Cloud to Cloud Migrations – direct migrations between VMware Cloud SDDCs moving workloads from region to region or between cloud providers.
  • OS Assisted Migration – bulk migration of KVM and Hyper-V workloads to vSphere (HCX Enterprise feature).
  • Replication Assisted vMotion - Bulk live migrations with zero downtime combining HCX vMotion and Bulk migration capabilities (HCX Enterprise feature).

In this module, we will go through the steps to Install HCX, configure and migrate a test VM to Azure VMware Solution (AVS).

For more information on HCX, please visit VMware’s HCX Documentation.

HCX Setup for Azure VMware Solution (AVS)


  • Ensure that Module 1 has been completed successfully as this will be required to connect HCX from AVS to the On-Premises Lab.
  • Ability to reach out to vCenter portal from Jumpbox VM:
    • AVS vCenter: Get IP from Azure Portal - AVS blade
    • On-premises vCenter: 10.X.Y.2

Remember that X is your group number and Y your participant number.

Module 2 Task 1

Task 1 : Install VMware HCX on AVS Private Cloud

Module 2 Task 2

Task 2: Download the HCX OVA to On-Premises vCenter

Module 2 Task 3

Task 3: Import the OVA file to the On-Premises vCenter

Module 2 Task 4

Task 4: Deploy the HCX OVA to On-Premises vCenter

Module 2 Task 5

Task 5: Obtain HCX License Key

Module 2 Task 6

Task 6: Activate VMware HCX

Module 2 Task 7

Task 7: Configure HCX and connect to vCenter

Module 2 Task 8

Task 8: Create Site Pairing from On-premises HCX to AVS HCX

Module 2 Task 9

Task 9: Create network profiles

Module 2 Task 10

Task 10: Create compute profiles

Module 2 Task 11

Task 11: Create a service mesh

Module 2 Task 12

Task 12: Network Extension

Module 2 Task 13

Task 13: Migrate a VM using HCX vMotion

Module 2 Task 14

Task 14: Migrate a VM using HCX Replication Assisted vMotion

Module 2 Task 15

Task 14: Observe the effects of extended L2 networks with and without MON

Module 2 Task 16

Task 15: Achieving a migration project milestone by cutting-over network extension