Module 2 Task 7

Task 7: Configure HCX and connect to vCenter

Configure On-Premises HCX

In this section, we will integrate and configure HCX Manager with the On-Premises vCenter Server.

Step 1: Connect vCenter Server

Connect your vCenter Server

  1. In Connect your vCenter, provide the FQDN or IP address of on-premises vCenter server and the appropriate credentials.
  2. Click CONTINUE.

Step 2: Configure SSO/PSC

Configure SSO/PSC

  1. In Configure SSO/PSC, provide the same vCenter IP address: https://10.X.Y.2
  2. Click CONTINUE.

Step 3: Restart HCX Appliance

Restart HCX appliance to save changes

Verify that the information entered is correct and select RESTART.

HCX configuration dashboard after restart

  1. After the services restart, you’ll see vCenter showing as Green on the screen that appears. Both vCenter and SSO must have the appropriate configuration parameters, which should be the same as the previous screen.
  2. Next, click on Configuration to complete the HCX configuration.

Edit the HCX Administrator role mapping configuration

  1. Click Configuration.
  2. Click HCX Role Mapping.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Change User Groups value to match lab SSO configuration: avs.lab\Administrators
  5. Save changes.

Please note that by default HCX assigns the HCX administrator role to “vsphere.local\Administrators”. In real life, customers will have a different SSO domain than vsphere.local and needs to be changed. This is the case for this lab and this needs to be changed to avs.lab.