Module 3 Task 4

Task 4: Configure a Site Pairing in Site Recovery Manager

SRM Site Pairing

Remember X is your group number, Y is your participant number, Z is the SDDC you’ve been paired with.

In this task you will pair the protected site GPSUS-PARTNERX-SDDC and the recovery site GPSUS-PARTNERZ-SDDC.

Exercise 1: Site Pairing

Site pairing can be configured from vCenter on either the primary or the recovery private cloud. You will work on the primary site’s vCenter.

Step 1: Access Site Recovery Manager from vCenter Server

  1. Log into vCenter Server in the primary AVS private cloud GPSUS-PARTNERX-SDDC and click the menu bat.
  2. Select Site Recovery from the main menu.

Click OPEN Site Recovery.

Step 2: Create New Site Pair


Step 3: Select local vCenter Server

  1. Ensure your local vCenter Server is selected.
  2. Ensure Pair with a peer vCenter Server located in a different SSO domain is selected.
  3. Click NEXT.

Step 4: Peer vCenter Server

  1. Enter the vCenter Server information for the Recovery site. This should be GPSUS-PARTNERZ-SDDC.
  2. Click FIND VCENTER SERVER INSTANCES. If a warning shows up click CONNECT.
  3. Select your peer vCenter Server.
  4. Click NEXT.

Step 5: Select services identified

  1. Select the top checkbox to select all services.
  2. Click NEXT. Then click FINISH.

Step 6: Confirm Site Pairing Completes

When the configuration process completes, the SRM main page displays the new site pairing.