Module 4 Task 1

Module 4: Deploy Virtual WAN

Public IP for vWAN

Exercise 1: Configure vWAN in AVS Private Cloud

Step 1: Configure Public IP for vWAN

  1. In the Azure portal, in your AVS Private Cloud blade, click Connectivity.
  2. Click Public IP for vWAN.
  3. Click Configure.

Step 2: Create Public IP Connection

  1. Virtual wide area network resource group is auto-populated and cannot be modified in the portal.
  2. Virtual wide area network name is also auto-populated.
  3. Virtual hub address block - Use the following value: 10.XY.4.0/24, where X is your group number and Y is your participant number.

It takes about an hour to complete the deployment of all components. This deployment only must occur once to support all future public IPs for this Azure VMware Solution environment.

Step 3: Confirm Successful Deployment

Ensure your deployment succeeds.